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About Us

Organic Supply Co. was founded in 2015 as a response to a growing need of good quality aromatherapy ingredients with a reasonable price in Indonesia. 

We live in an environment that is exposed to pollution and synthetic chemicals. From the air we breathe, the water we bathe in, the products we use on our skin and our homes and the medicines we consume contain synthetic chemicals that over time can lead to many problems we face today, such as allergies, dermatitis, food insensitivity, autism, cancer, infertility, immune disorders, liver toxicity, and respiratory problems to name a few.

Nationwide, more than 15 million kilograms of household cleaning products are poured down the drain each day. Many of these products contain toxic substances that are not processed adequately by sewage treatment plants or septic systems. Careless or improper use and disposal of these products may threaten individual health or lead to accidental poisoning. Long term or cumulative environmental consequences may occur like contamination of surface and ground water. Since the founders became mothers, they found the importance of creating a safe environment for our children to thrive in. Toddlers pick up everything from the floor and put into their mouths, and it became clear that they needed to find safe and natural substitutes which they can use around the house. They believe that what is good for the environment is also good for their families. 

Their love for essential oils and everything organic started around 6 years ago when one of the founders was living in the US and had a profound experience with the benefits of using essential oils throughout her challenging pregnancy and her 36-hours of labour. After the birth of her baby, she learned that the oils have multiple functions therapeutically and is good for literally everything. From then on she lived a more natural lifestyle with the help of essential oils. Essential oils are widely accessible and affordable in the US, it requires little effort to live a healthier lifestyle. After she returned to Indonesia, good quality essential oils were only available at a high price. For organic essential oils and ingredients, there were basically non-existent in the retail market. Thus an idea to make these products available in Indonesia was born and with the help of her three partners, Organic Supply Co. was finally realised.

They believe that by choosing organic products, they are protecting their own well-being from the build-up of everyday chemicals in their systems. Also by creating a demand for organic and ethically-sourced ingredients, they hope to leave a positive mark on their world to do their bit to preserve its resources for future generations. Their aim is to reduce the community’s everyday exposure to harmful chemicals by encouraging others to make their own home remedies, personal care and household products. 

Their online store opened in June 2015 and since then, they quickly became the first online retail company in Indonesia which provides everything needed for an organic DIY health, beauty and household products. The store has organic items with variants such as essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, hydrosols, and other ingredients such as cosmetic additives, extracts, wax, butters and even packagings and books. Organic Supply Co. opened their showroom doors in Meruya, West Jakarta in January 2016 and through their partners stores, their products are easily obtained in Greater Jakarta areas, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.