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Be Safe Bundle

Rp 190.000,00
  • Be Safe Bundle
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Be Safe Bundle

Rp 190.000,00

Ensure health and hygiene during the pandemic with Be Safe Bundle, consists of:

1. Hard Surface Disinfectant 1kg
Containing peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, this stabilized solution is a very fast acting biocide that quickly decomposes into acetic acid, water, and oxygen. Contact time was 60 seconds at an ambient temperature of 22C.
In addition to the coronavirus, It is also effective against a number of other viruses such as Herpes simplex virus, Norovirus, Rhinovirus.
- Floor & wall disinfection (wipe, spray, fog)
- Space disinfection (spray, fog)
- Ceramics, Glassware, Plastic, Stainless Steel (spray, wipe)
- Disinfection of various cleaning tools (immersion)
- Tableware and Kitchenware disinfection (immersion, wipe)
How To Use:
Wear protective gloves when handling solution, and when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned with water and soap prior to disinfection. Spray and leave solution on the surface for at least 1 minute. Solution may be diluted with water at 1:1 dilution and use immediately, discarded any unused portion.
- Ready to use
- Broad spectrum coverage
- Easy to apply
- No harmful residue
- Not flammable
Active Ingredients: Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen peroxide

2. Shield Handrub 30ml
Shield Handrub helps kill germs and keep hands clean, it contains humectants to keep hands soft instead of leaving them sticky and greasy like other products can. The sanitizer will also help to remove dirts and disinfect surfaces, can be used for both hard and fabric surfaces.
Laboratory test results are accredited against bacteria: E. aerogenes, E. coli, K. pneumonia, P. aureginosa, S. typhimurium, S. aureus

Suggested Use:
Shake well, pump sanitizer onto hands. Follow the recommended hand hygiene practice. 
80% Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin*, Cinnamomum zeylanicum oil*, Syzygium aromaticum oil*, Eucalyptus radiata oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone oil*, Citrus limon oil*, Hydrogen Peroxide
*) Made from 100% certified organic ingredients

3. Shield Essential Oil Roller Ball 10ml
2% diluted in Jojoba Oil
This travel size roller ball is ready for you to use right out of the bottle. Carry in your bag and bring it wherever you go. Simply apply on spine or soles of feet to protect against unwanted germs in times of need.

Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Tocopherol, Syzygium aromaticum oil, Citrus limon oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum oil, Eucalyptus radiata oil, Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone oil
Made from 100% Certified Organic Ingredients.