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Shield Jr. Essential Oil 5ml
Protect your child body and immune system against viral infections threat with Shield Jr. Shield Jr. is formulated to protect children against environmental and seasonal threats. Featuring gentle essential oils of refreshing Lemon and cooling Palmarosa, this essential oil roller ball is the chi..
Rp 190.000,00
Slumber Essential Oil 5ml
Help your child drift off to dreamland with Slumber. Slumber is formulated to calm overactive mind, reduce stress and support bedtime rituals. Featuring gentle essential oils of calming Lavender, soothing Mandarin and grounding Cedarwood oils, this essential oil roller ball is formulated safely for ..
Rp 190.000,00
Tummy Tom Essential Oil 5ml
Keep your child’s digestive system happy and healthy with Tummy Tom. Tummy Tom is formulated to help soothe the occasional tummy troubles. Featuring gentle essential oils of warming Ginger and soothing Chamomile, this essential oil roller ball is formulated safely for children. Tummy Tom also ..
Rp 190.000,00
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Sniffy Essential Oil Roller Ball
Sniffy is formulated to help your child breathe better and sleep soundly. Featuring gentle essential oils of soothing Lavender and calming Rosalina, Sniffy brings about a sense of warmth and comfort. Diluted in Jojoba Oil and also effective for adults, Sniffy Essential Oil Roller Ball is a practical..
Rp 100.000,00
Recover Essential Oil Roller Ball
Recover is formulated to boost immune system and speed up healing process. Featuring Eucalyptus, Cypress, Oregano, and Peppermint, Recover helps to fight respiratory infections and relieve congestion. The warm sensations of Eucalyptus and Oregano help to relieve joint and muscle inflammation. Dilute..
Rp 125.000,00
Smitten Essential Oil Mist 30ml
Smitten diformulasikan khusus untuk membantu mengembalikan energi positif ke dalam hati dan pikiran sehingga suasana hati menjadi lebih ceria.Perpaduan aroma yang menyegarkan dari Bergamot dan Sweet Orange dapat membantu mengembalikan semangat saat&n..
Rp 100.000,00
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Dream Essential Oil Mist 30ml
Formulated to promote restful sleep and deep relaxation. Dream is used to help release negative emotions and create a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. The gentle soothing scents of Lavender and Geranium offer a calming atmosphere when your are feeli..
Rp 100.000,00
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Lavender Citrus Home Spray
Lavender Citrus Home Spray is a versatile spray suitable for use on: - Rooms - Bedspreads - Sofas - Pillows - Tablecloths - Curtains and more, as you like! Formulated using soothing Lavender essential oil and refreshing Orange, the natural aroma of Lavender Citrus Home Spray offers aroma..
Rp 75.000,00
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