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How to Become a Reseller

Organic Supply Co. is committed to providing products of the highest quality to our customers. We are dedicated to supporting our ethically minded suppliers and are delighted to offer products that reflect these high standards of excellence to our customers. In this program you will receive our same quality products but at a greater volume and discount. All products sold in this program must be resold in its original packaging.

Organic Supply Co. Reseller Program is designed into a four tier system. Each tier has a minimum sales amount that must be met to qualify for a discount.

For more information, send your email at or Whatsapp 08118988968.



•    Fill reseller application form here

•    You will have to state your store location (online or offline)



•    Tier 1    - No Minimum Purchase

    Discount 20% - Essential oils, Signature, Carrier Oils, Raw Materials

•    Tier 2    - Single transaction of IDR 10 million or above

    Discount 30% - all essential oils, carrier oils, raw materials, signature

•    Tier 3 - Single transaction of IDR 15 million or above    

    Discount 40% - Essential oils, Signature, Carrier Oils, Raw Materials

•    For every 40 pcs of products purchase, you can get one piece of free product of your choice. Selection of the free product is limited only to products each reseller purchased, therefore the free products can be used as samples to generate more sales.



•    Reseller must use Organic Supply Co. original packaging & branding

•    Reseller must follow Organic Supply Co. storage and handling policy

•    In the event of product leakage, damages, or any other unsatisfactory event, all complaints must be addressed within 7 business days after date of delivery. Organic Supply Co. is not responsible to replace any damaged products if reported beyond the time frame given.

•    Organic Supply Co. has the right to cancel approved reseller account if found that information given on the application form is false/misleading

•    Organic Supply Co. has the right to amend this terms & conditions