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Organic Lip Bundle
Organic Lip Bundle consists of ​Beeswax Granules Apricot Kernel Oil 30ml Mica of your choice (Beige, Bordeaux, Bronze, Carmine Red, Red, Sugar Blush) 5 Lip Containers How to Make Tinted Organic Lip Balm: 1. Set a glass measuring cup or a jar into a sauce pan with an inch of water i..
Rp 200.000,00
Magic Hair Serum
Magic Hair Serum is a bundle contains of: - Castor Oil 30ml Castor oil contains vitamin A, B, D, and very rich in vitamin E. It is also rich in Omega-6, Omega-9, and Risinoleic Acid. Castor helps tackle dandruff, strengthen hair root, and thicken hair. - Rosemary Essential Oil 5ml Rosemary e..
Rp 200.000,00
Gutsy Essential Oil 5ml
Keep cold away and make your guts happy with Gutsy. Featuring warming minty-spice scent of Ginger, Cardamom, Cajeput and Peppermint, Gutsy is formulated to help relieve cold, eliminate excess gas and nausea, digestion issues, and stomach upset. It can also help relieve respiratory congestion and ach..
Rp 190.000,00
Tim Ngeronda Bundle
Tim Ngeronda Bundle contains: - Refresh Aromatherapy Mist 30 ml - Recharge Aromatherapy Mist 30 ml From normal price IDR 180,000 ..
Rp 140.000,00
Tim Pegel-Pegel Bundle
Tim Pegel-pegel Bundle contains: - Repair Essential Oil 5 ml - Epsom Salt 1 kg From normal price IDR 330,000 ..
Rp 260.000,00
Tim Masuk Angin Bundle
Tim Masuk Angin Bundle contains: - Gutsy Essential Oil Roller Ball 10 ml - Recover Essential Oil Roller Ball 10 ml From normal price IDR 260,000 ..
Rp 240.000,00
Goddess Gift
Goddess Gift consists of: - Goddess Organic Perfume Roller 10ml - Goddess Aromatherapy Mist 30ml - Free Gift Box A gift that fit any occasion for the shining-radiant-goddess! Perfect blend of Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, and Mandaring bring luxurious, elegant smell, and uplifting mood. Ingredie..
Rp 200.000,00
Mr. Throaty Organic Balm 40g
Mr. Throaty Organic Balm is formulated safely for children to help relieve coughs due to minor throat and bronchial irritation associated with common cold or inhaled irritants. Featuring gentle essential oils of grounding Cedarwood and calming Lavender, Mr. Throaty helps to get rid of those tiny tic..
Rp 150.000,00
Sniffy Organic Balm 40g
Sniffy Organic Balm is formulated to relieve nasal congestion, restore easy breathing and clear up airways. Featuring gentle essential oils of soothing Lavender and calming Rosalina, this organic balm is formulated safely for children. Sniffy also brings about a sense of warmth and comfort. The perf..
Rp 150.000,00