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Itchy + Ouchie Bundle
Itchy + Ouchie Bundle consists of:  1. Itchy Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml  Soothe a persistent, can't-stop-won't-stop itch from allergy or bug bites with Itchy. Itchy is formulated to help relieve swelling, itchiness, redness and discomforts of minor skin irritations. Featurin..
Rp 200.000,00
Diffuser and 5 Children Oils Bundle
Diffuser and 5 Children Oils Bundle consists of:  1. Ultrasonic Diffuser 180ml 2. Tummy Tom Essential Oil 5ml  Keep your child’s digestive system happy and healthy with Tummy Tom. Tummy Tom is formulated to help soothe the occasional tummy troubles. Featuring gentle essential ..
Rp 990.000,00
Moms & Kids Sanitizer Bundle
Moms & Kids Sanitizer Bundle consists of: - Shield Handrub 30ml Shield Handrub helps kill germs and keep hands clean, it contains humectants to keep hands soft instead of leaving them sticky and greasy like other products can. The sanitizer will also help to remove dirts and disinf..
Rp 85.000,00
Sanitizer Bundle
10% from every purchase of Sanitizer Bundle will be donated to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) for people in needs. Sanitizer Bundle consists of: - Dream Handrub 30ml Dream Handrub helps kill germs and keep hands clean, it contains humectants to keep hands soft without st..
Rp 85.000,00
Stay Calm Bundle
Stay Calm Bundle consists of: - Embrace Essential Oil Mist 30ml Embrace is formulated to help us embrace the moment in any given situation. The blend of uplifting Bergamot, grounding Frankincense and floral Ylang Ylang will help you to release tension and anxiety. The an..
Rp 150.000,00
Kelly's and Co Roller On-The-Go
Kids Roller On-The-Go consists of: 1. Sniffy Essential Oil Roller Ball 10ml  Sniffy is formulated to relieve nasal congestion, restore easy breathing and clear up airways. Featuring gentle essential oils of soothing Lavender and calming Rosalina, this essential oil roller ball is formu..
Rp 580.000,00
Kelly's and Co Travel Pouch
Kelly's and Co Travel Pouch consists of: 1. Slumber Essential Oil Mist 30ml  Help your child to drift off to dreamland with Slumber aromatherapy mist. The gentle essential oils of calming Lavender, soothing Mandarin and grounding Cedarwood oils can help calm overactive mind, anxi..
Rp 415.000,00
Easy Peasy Healthy Children Kit
Easy Peasy Happy Children Kit consist of all variant Kids Line roller ball. 1. Slumber Essential Oil Roller Ball 10ml Formulated to calm overactive mind, reduce stress and support bedtime rituals. 2. Mr. Throaty Essential Oil Roller Ball 10ml Formulated to relieve coughs associated with comm..
Rp 900.000,00
Grateful Bundle
Grateful Bundle contains: - Thankful Essential Oil Mist 30ml Thankful is formulated to help create intention of loving kindness and gratitude. The sweet and calming scents of Thankful helps to quiet the mind, unblocks stagnant energy and reduces tension. The unique essential oil b..
Rp 150.000,00