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Essential Oils

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Mommy Must-Haves Bundle
Mommy Must Have Bundle Consists of USB Diffuser 50ml and two best-seller children line essential oil, Lala & Frank and Sniffy, to boost your child's immune during the weather of the transition period. Lala & Frank is formulated to enhance immune function and to defend the body agai..
Rp 400.000,00
5th Anniversary Special Essential Oil Kit - Limited Edition
Organic Supply Co. understands that during inhalations of authentic 100% pure certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils, you are connecting to the very life force of the plant. Dream, Shield, Recharge and Lavender are our best-selling essential oils in our five years journey...
Rp 420.000,00
Gutsy Essential Oil 5ml
Keep cold away and make your guts happy with Gutsy. Featuring warming minty-spice scent of Ginger, Cardamom, Cajeput and Peppermint, Gutsy is formulated to help relieve cold, eliminate excess gas and nausea, digestion issues, and stomach upset. It can also help relieve respiratory congestion and ach..
Rp 190.000,00
Recover Essential Oil 5ml
Recover is formulated to restore health and speed up healing process. Featuring Eucalyptus, Cypress, Oregano, and Peppermint, Recover helps to boost immune system and fighting respiratory infections. The warm sensation of Eucalyptus and Oregano can also help to relieve joint and muscle inflamma..
Rp 190.000,00
Mr. Throaty Essential Oil 5ml
Get rid of those tiny ticklers in your chid throat with Mr. Throaty. Mr Throaty is formulated to relieve coughs due to minor throat and bronchial irritation associated with common cold or inhaled irritants. Featuring grounding Cedarwood and calming Lavender, this essential oil roller ball is formula..
Rp 190.000,00
Lala & Frank Essential Oil 5ml
Keep your child fit and healthy around important days with Lala & Frank. Lala & Frank is formulated to enhance immune function and to defend the body against infections. Featuring gentle essential oils of calming Lavender and grounding Frankincense oils, this essential oil roller ball is ..
Rp 190.000,00
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Shield Jr. Essential Oil 5ml
Protect your child body and immune system against viral infections threat with Shield Jr. Shield Jr. is formulated to protect children against environmental and seasonal threats. Featuring gentle essential oils of refreshing Lemon and cooling Palmarosa, this essential oil roller ball is the chi..
Rp 190.000,00
Slumber Essential Oil 5ml
Help your child drift off to dreamland with Slumber. Slumber is formulated to calm overactive mind, reduce stress and support bedtime rituals. Featuring gentle essential oils of calming Lavender, soothing Mandarin and grounding Cedarwood oils, this essential oil roller ball is formulated safely for ..
Rp 190.000,00
Activated Charcoal
Activated Charcoal Powder has anti-poison, astringent, and absorbent properties. It has been used as an anti-poison remedy for centuries. It is an excellent natural remedy to reduce bloating and gas, relieve from food poisoning, reduce high cholesterol, whitens teeth, treat alcohol poisoning and hel..
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Cardamom 5ml
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is an herb commonly referred to as the Queen of Spices. Cardamom Essential Oil is derived from the fruit’s seeds and is extracted through steam distillation. The oil is a dark, honey-brown color and is noted for its sweet, but spicy scent. Aroma Spicy, Woo..
Rp 185.000,00 Rp 92.500,00
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Castor Oil
100% PURE COLD-PRESSED OIL Castor oil contains vitamin A, B, D and very rich vitamin E. Castor oil, when applied to the skin, penetrates deep and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  It can also be used as a moisturizer to boost anti-aging benefits for the skin, strengthe..
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Chill Aromatherapy Inhaler
Part of our Peacefulness series. The aroma in Chill essential oil is herbaceous, minty and floral. The essential oils used in this blend were chosen specifically to relieve burdens and cool off emotions. Ingredients: Citrus sinensis oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Pogostemon cabli..
Rp 65.000,00 Rp 32.500,00
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