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Seasonal Kits

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Summer Trio Kit
Feel the freshness like summer! Introducing: Summer Trio Kit. Contains 3 choices of citrus essential oils that brings freshness and uplifts energy and mood. Petitgrain Essential Oil 5ml: Safe for kids, great for oily and acne-prone skin, and promotes relax and calm feelings Tangerine Essent..
Rp 295.000,00
Shield & Relieve Duo Roller
This special kit consists of : Shield : helps to support healthy immune system and protects against environmental threats (10ml ) Relieve : formulated to support respiratory functions and help to relieve cold / cough symptoms (10ml ) ..
Rp 200.000,00
Refresh Kit
KEGUNAAN UTAMA REFRESH: Membersihkan udara dari jamur, virus dan bakteri • Menghilangkan bau yang tidak sedap Membangkitkan semangat Mengurangi rasa cemas Mengusir serangga Membantu memperkuat sistem kekebalan tubuh Mengurangi rasa sakit Membantu mengobati masalah pernapasan..
Rp 180.000,00
5 Rollers Pack
5 Rollers Pack is the most efficient choice if you love handy roller balls to help you feel your best. Containing five best seller roller balls. Blended with 100% natural pure essential oils, each roller ball has been formulated to be the perfect companion to your life. Easily applied to your pul..
Rp 300.000,00
Immune Booster Kit
Immune Booster Kit is everything you need to prepare rainy seasons. This kit is going to help with antibacterial and antifungal Shield Roller Ball, Recharge Essential Oil blend to help you feel more energetic and Cajeput Essential Oil to treat unpleasant physical symptoms that are already occurring...
Rp 350.000,00
Grow and Glow Kit
Grow and Glow Kit is DIY Castor Mascara Container to promote eyebrow and eyelash growth and to strengthen the eyebrow and eyelash hair root. Say hi to softer, thicker, and fuller eyebrows and eyelashes! Consists of: 10ml Mascara Tube with Eyelash Wand Castor Oil 30ml Suggested use: ..
Rp 125.000,00