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Relieve Aromatherapy Roller Ball - 10ml
2% diluted in Jojoba Oil This travel size roller ball is handy to carry everywhere and is easy to use. Pre-diluted in Jojoba oil, it is safe to use right out of the bottle. Just roll it on your pulse points, throat, or glands whenever you need it.  INGREDIENTS Simmondsia chinensis seed..
Rp 150.000,00
Dream Essential Oil Roller Ball - 10ml
5% diluted in Jojoba Oil This travel size roller ball is ready for you to use right out of the bottle. Carry in your bag and bring it wherever you go. Use before your yoga practice or meditation to enhance mood and focus and calm feeling. INGREDIENTS Jojoba Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens,&n..
Rp 150.000,00
Starter Kit
Starter Kit is everything you need to start your journey in aromatherapy. This kit contains 5ml bottles of certified organic essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Peppermint and Your Guide to Essential Oils Booklet. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 7.0px Helvetica} ..
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Relieve Essential Oil
Formulated to support healthy lung function and to relieve respiratory congestion. Essential oils are a great natural way of clearing your respiratory system. The oils in Relieve Essential Oil Blend are antivirals, antiseptics, decongestants and expectorants. Ingredients: Mentha piperita oil* ..
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Buggeroff Spray
BuggerOff is formulated with citronella and lemongrass essential oils and provides protection against insect bites. BuggerOff is naturally effective, free if DEET, parabens, SLS and other harmful chemicals.. SUGGESTED USE Shake well and mist to exposed skin. INGREDIENTS Distilled Water,..
Rp 90.000,00 Rp 81.000,00
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Shield Essential Oil
Shield, an essential oil blend, provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support. It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner.  Aroma: Warm, spicy, camphoraceous, woody Suggested Use: • Add to water for an effective all-pu..
Start from Rp 190.000,00
Snooze Essential Oil
Part of our Peacefulness series. The aroma in Snooze Essential Oil is floral, sweet and comforting. The blend of calming Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and comforting Patchouli will help you to wind down. The scents help you to unwind, to relax your body and mind, and get you primed and ready for your nex..
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Refresh Essential Oil
Refresh Essential Oil is formulated to clean the air, eliminate odour and repel insects. Refresh is also useful to fights viral and fungal infection, strengthen immune system, clean up negative energy and helps to relieves anxienty Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia oil* (Lavender), Cymbop..
Rp 165.000,00
Smitten Aromatherapy Roller Ball - 10ml
5% diluted in Jojoba Oil Formulated to help restore positive emotions and enhance feelings of joy. With gentle fragrance, our signature Smitten blend will set you in a happy mood and spice up your intimate moment! This travel size roller ball is ready for you to use right out of the bottl..
Rp 150.000,00