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Pink Himalayan Salt

Rp 65.000,00
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
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Pink Himalayan Salt

Rp 65.000,00


Pink Himalayan Salt is hand mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. It gets its soft-pink color from the earth's elements. Packed in natural minerals, Pink Himalayan Salt has been traditionally used in food, medicines and skin care. It can be used in any dish you'd use regular salt as well as scrub or bath salts.


• Detoxifies skin. Himalayan salt drives out impurities, toxins and wastes including grime, dirt, stale oils and pollution from deep within the skin.

• Helps balance blood sugar.

• Exfoliates dead cells. It has a mild abrasive texture that provides exfoliating action. It scrounges off dead cells and flaky skin, leaving your face feeling smooth and soft.

• Stimulates blood circulation to each and every skin cell. This feeds it with nutrient-rich blood, making them function properly and get rejuvenated. Stimulating blood circulation promotes youthful and glowing skin.

• Reduces fluid retention. Drain out excess fluids from the face and under eyes.

• Softens skin. Rough skin on the chin or forehead can easily be smoothed and softened.

• Unclogs blocked pores. Clogged up pores feel icky and gunky. Thankfully, you can make this Himalayan face salt scrub to scrub out unclean clogged pores



  • Weight 500g
  • Origin Himalaya
  • Expiry Date July 2024
Weight 500g
Origin Himalaya
Expiry Date July 2024